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Saint Louis photography fall mini sessions

Posting this means all things pumpkin flavored are on the horizon, cooler weather is within reach, and beautiful fall photography is about to be in full swing!! I. can’t. wait. Check out these mini sessions (and the short and sweet cards and cupcakes sessions) I have available this fall:2016 relic fall minis fb

2016 cards and cookies copy fbThere are just a few spots left for each type of session so shoot me an e-mail at if you’d like to reserve your slot!

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July 18, 2017 - 9:37 am

Katie Furniss - Hi. we are looking for a photographer to takes pics of our extended family (13 people) in October. We have a location in chesterfield. I’m wondering about the cost and availability.
Thank you!

Mac | personal

In less than a month (Lord willing), this guy won’t be my baby anymore.

I cannot even explain the irrational number of tears I have shed about this reality…you’d think I’m sending the kid off to the other side of the world, never to be seen again. Must be the hormones, right?
In attempts to freeze time (and in honor of his second birthday that was themed for his obsession with trains!) we made our inaugural visit to the transportation museum for a little photoshoot.

He was in little boy heaven and asks to go back all day, every day, without ceasing.

Melt. my. heart. I miiiiiiiiight be slightly obsessed with him.

This kid fascinates me…he’s busy…and inquisitive…a total comedian and fiercely independent…and somehow simultaneously sensitive, sweet and snugly (read: total mama’s boy).

I know he’ll hate me for these pictures someday but just couldn’t resist…is there anything cuter than a little guy in big boy undies flexing his “muscles” (or in his case, showing off his ribs)??

Dear Mac: There are not words to describe the joy you bring to our lives. Please stay two forever.

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July 20, 2014 - 11:27 am

Mona - Oh Mac: you are the most precious gift. You bring joy and delight to our hearts and wherever you are. Do you know your “Gramps” loves to watch your pics. and listen to your phone messages several times a day.

We love you.

July 17, 2014 - 3:27 pm

Krissy - I love this post (made me cry too) and all the wonderful Mac faces. He really is the cutest kid ever!!

the P family | st. louis family photography

How adorable is this crew??

And how sweet are these three together??? I’m certain they get along like this all. the. time. 😉

Seriously. These kids could not have been more fun to hang with for an evening…it definitely didn’t hurt that they’re super cute, but more than that, they have a contagious zest for life that was such a joy to capture.


I’m not gonna lie…sometimes family photos bring out the worst in people (my own brood included)…and other times the hardest part of the session comes when I have to narrow down the final images because there are so many beautiful, heart-warming options…scroll down and you’ll quickly see that this was very much the latter.

blog7 Blog8

Wow. LOVE these pics of this beautiful mama and her mini-me…

…and these! These just make me happy…sweet pictures with your man (no matter how long you’ve been married) are a must have every once in a while!
Dear Pelligreen family: 4th time was a charm in finally getting this session done and it was definitely worth the wait! Seeing your love for each other through my lens was truly a joy. Thanks for the opportunity!

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Monica class of 2015 | st. louis senior photography

Seems like lately my schedule is primarily full of precious newborns and beautiful seniors…

…and it’s funny because both, in very different ways, are experiencing the thrill of new beginnings…each, in their own right, a joy and honor to capture.

Monica braved a sweltering St. Louis summer evening with me and was gorgeous from start to finish.

love, love, LOVE the red boots. Totally wish I could pull those off.

hows about those beautiful brown eyes???

Dear Monica, the year ahead will fly by…pause to soak in the moments as much as possible and allow yourself to dream big!!!

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Michael | st. louis newborn photography

I mentioned this the other day on facebook, but there’s just something extra meaningful about capturing first time parents…

…don’t get me wrong (I’m about to be a FOURTH time parent 😮 so I’m a big fan of big families)…I love all types of newborn sessions (and the challenge of getting sibling pictures where all the subjects are unpredictable and one of them is breakable 😮 ), but there’s just nothing like the novelty and sweetness of parents with their firstborn. This adorable family was no different…

I just love everything about these pictures…baby bubbles, perfect little toes, a total look of contentment on his face. Siiiiiigh.

Fortunately for his mama, this guy is gonna be a great snuggler…

…and fortunately for him, I’m preeeeeeety sure he’s gonna get a lot of them.

Dear Michael: every single thing about you is perfection. Welcome to the world little buddy.

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June 29, 2014 - 9:28 pm

jan and shelly - Oh my goodness! He has Silke’s beauty and Anthony’s coloring and the mix is simply gorgeous! I can’t get over that you’ve captured his little ‘smile’ already! SO content!
Congratulations on this miracle and have so much fun growing up with him! xoxo

June 26, 2014 - 11:11 pm

Melissa Ried - He is precious!! What beautiful pictures!

June 26, 2014 - 5:45 pm

Claude Gennaoui - He is so so precious! Love him! Love his pictures!