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Jessica and Tim Engaged {} St. Louis Engagement Photography

I’m short on words and behind on editing, but I couldn’t be more happy about Jessica and Tim’s engagement pics and wanted to share a few… She is gorgeous… …and he ‘aint so bad himself (hows about that amazing hair???)… …and they are super in love. Which I love. Last year on this day, we […]

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Briege + Drew Engaged {} San Diego, CA

I know this is just going to make me sound like an old lady, but I remember the day Drew was born…like it was yesterday. (His older brothers and I were hoping he’d be a girl…buuuuutttt I guess it worked out well for Briege that we didn’t get our wish!) I loved him right away […]

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Alicia & Joe {} Engaged

For those of you who live in St. Louis, you’ll find this shocking…but on the day of Alicia and Joe’s session the sun was no where to be found. Wait? You’re not surprised? Oh…I guess because the sun has been MIA since March. Fortunately, no sun was needed to make these two look good… …and […]

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