Monthly Archives: December 2010

Some of my favorite people

These hands belong to one of my very favorite people in the whole world… …we grew up together…and were inseparable. People thought we were twins (although I was, of course, much cuter ūüôā ). We were cousins by chance, but BFF by choice. He moved when we were 11 and although time and distance and […]

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Sweet Baby Campbell

There’s nothing sweeter than a baby girl. It’s true. There are statistics…I’ve read them. But in case you’re not convinced, here is further evidence: I told you so. This is Campbell. Her mama (Shauna)¬†and I have been friends since the 3rd grade. She has three older brothers and only boy cousins, so these photos most […]

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Three Reasons I Love Photography…

Reason number 1: Toby. Reason number 2: Piper. Reason number 3: Wes. These little¬†cuties came over the other day for a photoshoot and I was quickly reminded of why I love photography. Piper’s facial expressions are CLASSIC… …and I love how¬†when you ask a little kid where their belly button is they always…without fail…SHOW you. […]

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