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Priceless {} Personal

Words cannot begin to define my gratitude for…excitement about…love of…obsession with…these pictures. The unbelievably talented Michelle Huesgen of Untamed Heart Photography did such an amazing job of capturing my most precious peeps (and our newest addition). I look at them every day….and show them to anyone who cares (and probably quite a few that don’t 🙂 )… I. could. die. […]

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Mine. {} Personal

On April 26th, 2012, this little man made his debut in dramatic fashion… …and since then, my biggest (and let’s be honest, only) accomplishment has been setting a new league record for most hours spent staring at a little miracle (well, that, and taking a few (million) pics of him…)   I’m not gonna lie….I’m kind of obsessed […]

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