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Matilda Jane Minis | Saint Louis Children’s Photography

Remember from here when I said I was teaming up with the St. Louis trunk keeper for Matilda Jane Clothing??? We met up in August to discuss some cross promotional ideas and what started as simply business has quickly become a treasured friendship… …and also lead to some very lucky (and Ah-dorable) Matilda Jane wearers […]

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Kristina Class of 2013 | Saint Louis Senior Portrait Photography

When I was a junior in high-school Kristina was one (…damn, I’m old…) and her mama left her at home with her daddy to take a bunch of teeny-boppers (me included) on the trip of a lifetime to Spain. I watched in awe as our “Senora” opened our eyes to a whole new world and challenged/empowered us to step out of […]

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Max | Saint Louis Newborn Photography

There is no greater honor as a photographer than when a fellow photog asks you to take their picture(s)…multiply that times a thousand when said photographer is someone who has been both an inspiration and mentor to you, and that’s how I felt when Lisa asked me to capture their newest addition. I’m not gonna […]

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