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In less than a month (Lord willing), this guy won’t be my baby anymore.

I cannot even explain the irrational number of tears I have shed about this reality…you’d think I’m sending the kid off to the other side of the world, never to be seen again. Must be the hormones, right?
In attempts to freeze time (and in honor of his second birthday that was themed for his obsession with trains!) we made our inaugural visit to the transportation museum for a little photoshoot.

He was in little boy heaven and asks to go back all day, every day, without ceasing.

Melt. my. heart. I miiiiiiiiight be slightly obsessed with him.

This kid fascinates me…he’s busy…and inquisitive…a total comedian and fiercely independent…and somehow simultaneously sensitive, sweet and snugly (read: total mama’s boy).

I know he’ll hate me for these pictures someday but just couldn’t resist…is there anything cuter than a little guy in big boy undies flexing his “muscles” (or in his case, showing off his ribs)??

Dear Mac: There are not words to describe the joy you bring to our lives. Please stay two forever.

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