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finding time to breathe | personal

seems like lately I can barely find time to breathe, let alone blog, so I almost feel a little guilty popping in with a personal post…

…buuuuuuuttttt…I’m kind of obsessed with these three…and trying my damndest to find a balance between this job I love so much and these kids I love a gajillion times more.

We call these three the triplets…and 5 years of attempted pictures later, we FINALLY got a good one of the three of them!!! I could NOT love it more.
The hubs is into crossfit these days and all those early mornings paid off for reaching the highest apples!!!
Dear sweet babies of mine: you bring me more joy than world class chocolate in a waffle cone. I am beyond blessed!

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Maggie & Kate (and big brother Mason) | st. louis newborn photography

The cutest big brother EVAH would like to introduce his baby sisters…

destined to be best friends for life (with perhaps a disagreement or two (million)) along the way…
meet Kate…
…and Maggie…
twenty perfect little toes…
…and the sweetest little faces.
siiiiiiiigh…this is def my favorite! If twins didn’t seem like so much work, I miiiiiiiight have tried to steal them 😉
(my amazingly talented friend Krissy whipped these headbands up for me the night before this shoot…I went over to borrow her glue gun and I think the thought of me crafting made her a liiiiiiiittttle nervous. Add bow-maker extraoidinaire to her already extensive resume!!!)
Dear maggie and kate: from the moment the dr. said “twins” you became the adventure of a lifetime for your parents…may life be doubly sweet for you all! Welcome to the world.

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Alexandra 11 days new | st. louis newborn photography

I’ve been shooting a lot of newborns lately and I can’t quite decide if it’s giving me a newborn fix or a baby bug????

Either way, the sweet girl is beyond adorable…

…I mean, seriously…how perfect is her every little feature???

…oh, and how beautiful is her mama (who looks Ah-mazing and is rockin’ the first-time-mom gig like nobodies business. 7
Dear Alexandra: welcome to the world sweet baby girl. You are clearly loved beyond words.

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Mitchell | saint louis newborn photography

…if he were mine, I’d get nothing done, because I’d just sit around kissing and pinching those adorable cheeks all. day. long.

see. you just want to squeeeeeeeeze them…
there’s a small window of time in life where rolls are adorable, ya know?? So I say, flaunt ’em if you got ’em!!!
this guy could not have been more perfect. We did his whole session outdoors in the sweltering August heat and he just slept and smirked and smiled all the way through…
Dear Mitchell: if there were an award for most kissable cheeks evah, you would be a shoe-in. Welcome to the world little buddy.

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