Josh and I met when we were 18. Our last names brought us together for our very first project in our very first class of Physical Therapy school. The class was called Exercise Prescription. So was the project. We had been told to dress in athletic clothes, and specifically, if you were a woman, to wear a sports bra. I figured it was because we would be exercising. I figured wrong.
The instructions given in the moments prior to my first meeting of Josh went something like this: “introduce yourself to your partner, gather detailed information regarding his/her regular workout routine, weigh each other, and then de-robe (hence the need for a sports bra) to take circumferential measurements and calculate body fat percentage.” I began sweating at “weigh each other”…I started hyperventilating at “take off your shirt”…and I’m pretty sure I passed out at “calculate your body fat percentage”.

We’ve been friends ever since.

When the huz and I met Hannah, we loved her immediately. She’s beautiful, genuine, fun, outdoorsey (something I’m totally supportive of from the comfort of my couch), and the perfect match for Josh. They’re expecting a sweet baby girl in just 3 weeks (…and when you see these pics you will immediately and simultaneously despise, adore, and envy her:))

Meet baby Borgmeyer:

And her adorable parents:

Josh and Hannah love the great outdoors so it seemed fitting to take some pics in a field of weeds:)

For this next picture, I commented that I wished I had brought a ladder to get up a little higher and Josh said, “just get up on my shoulders.” I reminded him that he knows my weight (and body fat percentage for that matter) but he insisted. Whatever it takes to get the angle, right? (normally my photo sessions don’t include free physical therapy services, but this one might require some). Check out Hannah’s beautiful eyes (…and teeny-tiny tummy at 37 weeks pregnant). Try not to hate.

These two have a blast together and were SO fun to shoot:


This just makes me happy:

Dear baby Borgmeyer: I can’t wait to meet you. You have fantastic genes and are destined to be tall and adorable. Please come soon.


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rel·ic [re’lik] n.
something kept as a remembrance or treasured for its past associations; keepsake

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve never been very sentimental. I blame my sorority house rules that required us to pack up our belongings and move rooms every semester. Supposedly it was for “relationship building,” but I think it was really just an excuse to get us to clear out all our junk so the place stayed clean and fresh and frilly and didn’t start smelling like a dingy old frat house. I drove a little red Jeep Wrangler back then (…loved that car…) so everything I owned had to fit in the tiny back seat and non-existent trunk. There was no room for sentiment, so all non-essentials were pitched.

I went for a job interview once where they asked me to bring a “brag book” of all my awards and recognitions and I almost laughed out loud at the request because who really keeps that crap? I’m glad I didn’t because when I arrived there was a room full of applicants clutching bonded leather albums with their life accomplishments proudly glued to the pages inside.
I brought pictures.
Fifteen snapshots of my life that each told a part of my story: who I was, what I loved, things I’d done and places I’d been.
I didn’t get the job.
But the interviewer lady loved my pictures and my stories (and I think she secretly liked the fact that I had pitched my “scholar athlete” and “golden key honor society” and “who’s who” certifictes years ago).

Though I have not a sentimental bone in my body to speak of, those pictures (…and hundreds of others…) are the things I treasure. They are my Relics. They tell the story of my life…and of the people I love…and the things I’m passionate about…and the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that pass all too quickly.

I want you to have Relics too. Tiny toes. Baby curls. First smiles. Crazy hair. Belly laughs. Toothless grins. Growing families.Young love. Wedding vows. Real life. Genuine emotion. These are the things I capture, the reason I love photography, and the keepsakes that I hope will make up the brag book of your life. Out of this passion, Relic Photography was born.

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