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audrey | st. louis newborn photography

today’s definition of perfection: precious baby. classic name. beautiful mama. proudest daddy…

…oh, and the longest eye lashes you’ve ever seen.
one of the coolest parts of this session was that it was bought at an auction to help another couple raise money to adopt a baby…so while one family got pictures of their sweet addition, another family got one step closer to bring home their own bundle of joy. I love that.
…and speaking of love…how adorable are these two with their sweet baby girl???

Dear Audrey: you could not be cuter…or sweeter…or more loved. Welcome to the world.

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Relitography: capture life’s best moments better

super excited about this friends (details below):

Next class Sunday, June 2nd from 1pm to 4-ish

Class size is limited and will fill on a first come, first serve basis (e-mail to sign up).The cost is $150 (due to reserve your spot).

No camera knowledge at all?? No problem. This class is for you! I simply recommend you get a 50mm fixed aperture lens to optimize learning and picture quality (e-mail if you’d like more details on what to buy–approximate cost will be between $150 and $250).

Have a little camera knowledge but would love to know more? Great. This class is also for you (…you still need the fancy lens if you don’t already have one).

Come learn all the basics of how to take a better picture and  leave with a take-home guide to help you keep learning (and in between we’ll practice and do Q/A).

Kids grown up fast and moments pass quickly…this is your chance to learn how to archive it all–better:)

Can’t wait!

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The Zellers | San Diego Family Photography

Tonight I was sitting in a hospice room, holding my sweet Papa’s hand and reminiscing in stories, told by pictures, of a life lived fully.  As we laughed and cried and talked about the 23rd Psalm (…the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall not fear…) I was reminded again that today’s moments are tomorrow’s treasures…and capturing these moments is an indescribable privilege.

Jon and I are cousins and have been friends since birth…and I hope someday one of us is holding the other one’s hand in our final days, remembering times like these…

Sweetest daddy. Pictures like this are the reason I named this business Relic Photography.

I freakin’ love this family…and one of the highlights of every year is flying out to San Diego to capture their life…

…last time we did the whole “beach” thing, so this round we set out to do a more “urban” look…buuuuuuuttt, then there was this beautiful park and ah-mazing field of wild flowers right by their house and I just. couldn’t. resist.

I’m not gonna lie…I nearly died when I saw all these sweet sibling shots…choosing which one(s) to blow up big ain’t gonna be easy 😉

We did get around to that urban shoot eventually…but not before a stop at Petco park to capture the Padres’ biggest fans…

Sara is a TRUE connoisseur of her city and has started a new blog called “seriously get out” that’s a fab resource and fun read for anyone looking for all the hot spots to hit in San Diego. She needed a few head shots for her new venture and I traded her straight up for these: pictures in exchange for 3 days of the most amazing foods/desserts/adventures a girl could want…aside from the 5 pounds I didn’t bargain for, it was a damn good deal.
By the end of it all there was break dancing in a back alley…
…a pig wall


…and some “smirky smiles” that melt my heart.
…annnnnnddd when I was packing my bags to leave, this girl was blowing me kisses and I totally tried to steal her.

Dear Zeller fam: thanks for a fab weekend of yummy food, fun adventures, and great company. I miss you already.

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April 18, 2013 - 1:38 pm

Lisa Hessel - oh Kelly these are the sweetest. Beautiful work!